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Welcome to Super Chairing's Wheel Life Sports!
Adaptive, Action, Adventure, & Motor Sports Organization.
Many people are aware of the multitude of able bodied action sports such as skateboarding, snow boarding, BASE jumping, mountain climbing, and racing. Few know about the sports performed by action sports enthusiasts with high level injuries, limited mobility, and different types of disabilities. Chairing, sit ski, four cross, body surfing, power wheelchair racing, skydiving, SCUBA diving and others are quickly gaining attention worldwide. Photos, videos, stories, and information about these sports and some of the athletes, and enthusiasts that participate in them can be seen on Super Chairing.

Super - ( superior quality, grade, size; of the highest degree, power, etc; very good, first rate, excellent.)

Chairing - (Slang for living a daily life while using a wheelchair because of a high level injury, limited mobility, or disability ; performing tricks or stunts in a wheelchair ; using a wheelchair to get around)
Super Chairing is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps adults, veterans, and children
with or without disabilities in several great and super ways.
  • Promoting and giving information about Adaptive Action & Adventure Sports to those
    with and without disabilities.
  • Setting up Power Wheelchair Racing events for people with high level injuries and
    limited mobility.
  • Setting up Adaptive All Terrain Vehicle riding events for people with high level injuries
    and limited mobility.
  • Sponsoring Adaptive Action & Adventure Sports events and contests.
  • Promoting and Sponsoring Action & Adventure Sports athletes with disabilities.
  • Educating  the public as well as speaking to children about Spinal Cord Injuries as well
    as other disabilities that force people to use wheelchairs in their daily lives.

Super Chairing & Wheel Life Sports are here to take Dis out of Disability, and are here to inspire and teach both able bodied and disabled people that life does not have to stop due to a severe injury, or living life with a disability. We hope and strive to make people's lives better by spreading education, motivation and inspiration that may help them in their daily lives.

  All the sports and stunts on Super Chairing & Wheel Life Sports are performed by professionals. We welcome new participants, but Super Chairing and WLS, and anyone affiliated with or in Super Chairing & WLS are not responsible for any equipment damage, injuries, broken bones, or death due to participating in or recreating any of these sports or activities.

Roll, Ride, Jump, & Race at your own risk!

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